Salman Khan’s Offer 2 Crore Rejected by owner of awesome horse

Salman Khan has earned such a stature in the business that individuals, even celebs besides, dread to state no to him. Be that as it may, this man, proprietor of an uncommon breed horse unmitigatedly precluded Bhai’s offer from securing Rs. 2 crore to purchase India’s most needed steed just on the grounds that he wouldn’t like to offer it.

The man being referred to is Siraj Khan Pathan who hails from Ahmadabad. For the uninitiated, Salman is very attached to steeds. He as of now has a significant number of them in his family. Actually, he frequently takes a ride of them at his farmhouses. Since he was occupied with rearing a greater amount of them, he needed to purchase the most needed steed of the nation named Saqib.

He offered Rs 2 Crore to Siraj for the same, however the last denied his offer as he isn’t keen on offering it. What’s more, this isn’t the first occasion when he has rejected the offer.

Prior, Punjab’s Former CM Prakash Singh Badal had additionally indicated enthusiasm for purchasing the steed. He had offered Rs 1.11 crore for it. Be that as it may, his offer was additionally can’t.

Pondering what’s so exceptional about the steed? It keeps running at the speed of 43 kilometers for each hour and has won 19 races up until now. Saqib is an uncommon breed discovered just in Canada and USA. Siraj had purchased from a reasonable in Rajasthan for Rs. 14.5 lakhs.


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