Norway’s team have to buy 15,000 eggs, instead of 1500 eggs

It is sufficiently basic so what could turn out badly? Find 1,500 eggs to bolster hungry Norwegian competitors at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Get on to Google Translate to render the request in Korean and send it to a neighborhood general store.

That is the thing that cooks for Norway’s Olympic group did, just to wind up with a conveyance of 15,000.

The cooks faulted an interpretation mistake, yet it looks as though an error may likewise be to blame.

Culinary expert Stale Johansen revealed to Norwegian daily paper Aftenposten that fortunately the group could restore the 13,500 excess.

It isn’t clear how the oversight happened, however BBC Korean administration columnist David Cann says Korean has an alternate checking framework and a grammatical mistake may have added to the disarray.

Here is the distinction between the full spelling of 1,500 and 15,000 in Korean:


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