Public’s 20 years old relationship wih Indian program CID

‘Something is fierce.’ Something grows up, break the door. ‘These are the phrases that you have been listening for continuously for 20 years. The Indian TV program ‘CID’ of APP Paradimmon, despite being old, is still spoken and liked.

Paradigm shaking hands with this style, plays these conversations that the listeners have not even been so bored in the long run, and still listen to them and enjoy them as the first day.

The anti crime-based Indian program ‘CID’ was launched in 1998 and since then it is seen in most of the world’s countries including Pakistan. Despite going for so many years, no popularity in the popularity of popularity has come, nor the number of viewers.

The way the IP team is easily found guilty of the crime, even if the CID team of India starts to do so, those who came to India came down by 100 percent in the crime, but the fact is contrary to it.

The program looks like four major roles that have been acting in the same and interesting manner for 20 years. These include AP Paidiyuman, Abhijjit, Gaya and Fardi.

If you have to confess an offense in CID in the CID, then the ‘given’ name is always considered to be because it is just a fast-tempered thapper enough to open the mouth.

Due to the unique and unique act of artists, people are associated with this program till today.

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