Nothing is hide from Facebook, it knows all about you

If you do not have an account, then you will not be able to do it. But now your economic status will evaluate Facebook itself.

According to international media reports, Facebook has applied a variety of patents for upgrading its system in which its personal data will be received from the user, such as its academic qualifications from the user. To gain ownership, average time usage of Internet usage, and other information, this technology will be automatically added into 3 categories and will be included in the relevant group.

The special algorithm will be used in the technology estimating the user’s financial status, with which Patent Facebook filed a filing application.

This patent will evaluate the social and economic status of the user and suggest its social economic status, after which the user mentioned will be included in a rich, medium or poor class. The aim is to provide users according to their financial status so that Facebook can reach ads relevant to the relevant class and get the right to determine their goals.

The wise people say that the social site should be used shortly or there is a loss that can be seen in the same feature. And ahead, is it going to know later?


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